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Campaign Song About Unity
Music touches the heart and soul…this campaign song will leave a lasting impression on voters. Having an official campaign song benefits the candidate in so many ways.

  • Heartfelt Rally Openers 
  • For TV & Radio Commercials 
  • YouTube Videos & Social Media Outlets
  •   Promotional Materials            (CD's, Buttons, Musical Cards, Postcards)
  • Marketing Materials For Donors & Fundraisers
  • Live Performances At Rallies By Kathy Bee
Performed by Kathy Bee
(c) 1989 Music & Lyrics by Kathy M. Hampton AKA Kathy Bee

I don't have to look one certain way,
I'm free to live to love and pray
I can work my own plan,
I'm an American
Doctor, teacher, soldier proud,
We all live under one same cloud
Man woman child too,
Under the red the white and blue
I'm an American
I'm an American,
And I'm proud of who I am
When I wake-up every day,
I'm so happy I can say
I'm an American
Home of the brave land of the free,
No other place I'd rather be
Where freedom rings out every day,
God bless the U.S.A.
I'm an American
I'm an American
And I'm proud of who I am,
When I wake-up everyday
I'm so happy I can say
I'm an American
I'm an American
This my country my homeland
When I wake-up everyday
I'm so happy I can say
I'm an American

Kathy Bee performs I'm An American at Patriotic Events like the Veteran's Day Celebration in Malibu, CA
Which Candidate Will Embrace This New Campaign Song? 
The Campaign Song That Promotes The Meaning Of "One Nation, Under God, Indivisible...With Liberty And Justice For All"!
Music that touches the heart and soul…will leave a lasting impression on voters. Singer/songwriter Kathy Bee is no longer sitting on the sidelines during the next 2020 American Election for President. Bee believes that her unity song, I’m An American can make a difference when it comes to leaving voters a reason to remember and vote for the best candidate, who believes in unity, peace and the American Dream. 

According to Bee, because there are so many candidates running, a good song played for voters before and during each rally; along with take-away materials; TV commercials; music videos and being performed at live events and fundraisers; can be what is needed to set one candidate far above the other.
Past successful campaign songs have included:

   • Don’t Stop by Fleetwood Mac for the Bill Clinton Campaign
   • I Won't Back Down by Tom Petty for the George W Bush Campaign
   • Signed, Sealed, Delivered by Stevie Wonder for the Barack Obama Campaign
   • High Hopes by Frank Sinatra for the John F Kennedy Campaign

Although Kathy Bee considers herself an Independent, she will be contacting the Democratic Candidates offering them and their supporters an opportunity to license her song I’m An American for the duration of their campaign. Although Bee will be approaching all the candidates, the song will be awarded exclusively to one candidate, providing that this candidate does not drop out or is voted out of the race. In the event that this happens, all rights to the song are rescinded back to Kathy Bee to be offered to another candidate. There will be a fee for this opportunity.

Having an official campaign song benefits the candidate in so many ways. This eliminates the “assuming” that anyone has permission to use another person’s intellectual property. It also gives ample access to fully utilize the song and to maximize the reach of the song when it comes to reminding voters and potential donors, about how you are willing to stand-out, be noticed…and win the race…ethically!


To License I'm An American...
: Kathy Bee

Kathy Bee Bio

After 911 happened, and the Twin Towers fell, singer/songwriter Kathy Bee believed that America needed songs of Unity, Peace & Hope....The album entitled I'm An American was recorded two weeks later and Bee began spreading uplifting news about her faith in the United States of America. 

Singer/songwriter Kathy Bee is a 65 year old grandmother who is a life-long entertainer. Originally from the small town of Bloomingburg, Ohio, Bee says that her heritage is as diverse as America and that this is what she loves most about being an American. Her hopes are to see our divided country unified. 

She is also a member of The Red Hat Society, Women In Film, E-Women and past member of various service clubs including Soroptimist, Lion's Club, Woman's Club of Hollywood, YMCA Board Member and Board Member and Chair of the Downey Regional Medical Center.
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