If you were have ever been inspired by the poem "Footprints In The Sand" Then we are looking for you (Talent, Fans, Singers, Artists, Crew, Investors, Social Media Specialists, Influencers)...We are Producing" the
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What kind of Footsteps will you leave for those who follow you?...

Kathy Bee is a TV Producer, Host, Musical Playwright, an Award Winning Singer, Songwriter and the CEO/Founder of Touching Lives Multimedia, Inc. and P.R. Productions. Touching Lives Multimedia Inc. and P.R. Productions are her multimedia companies, specializing in TV production, music, public relations and the Internet. 

P. R. Productions was launched in 1986 with the core purpose to provide public awareness and instituted promotional solutions in the areas of TV, print, live events and in 1997, through the multimedia via the Internet. In 2013 her TL TV Space opened its doors, providing accommodations for seminars, workshops and media events.

For 10 years, Kathy produced and hosted 250 TV show segments called Touching Lives, promoting extraordinary people from all across the Southern California region and throughout the United States. In 2012 the Touching Lives TV Award Show premiered in Hollywood to honor amazing unsung heroes from the past.

As a songwriter, Bee charted the National Billboard Charts, Cashbox and Indie. Her latest songs I'm An American, Footprints In The Sand and Do The Dream are currently receiving airplay across the United States. Bee's musical, The Tin Can (Showcase) successfully premiered at The Woman's Club in Hollywood and was the featured entertainment at the 1st Touching Lives TV Award Show.

Currently Kathy Bee has produced and launched her new Web TV show called Do The Dream TV. Do The Dream TV is the Web TV show that is "People Helping People". Discovery your dream...meet Dream Makers. Learn how they made their dreams come true and so can you! Get "Free" gifts for being a viewer! 

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Discover more about Dreamers, Dream Catchers & Dream Makers!
If You Can Dream It You Can Do It! (Disney)

Although Walt Disney coined the phrase above and it has inspired many to pursue their dreams…he also said that you need people to help make dreams come true.

 “People Helping People” is Kathy Bee’s tagline that’s guided her through multiple ventures including her music career, producing & hosting her Cable TV Shows, Stage Appearances, Concerts, Work Shops, Seminars Live Events, Award Shows and Speaking Engagements. 

#1 Key To Success: Who You Know &Who Knows You 

Kathy Bee helps Dreamers to connect with Dreams so they can become successful in life. Through Bee’s program Do The Dream Extreme, people who dream it are provided a system, a method to having their dreams come true. online, live events, Joint Venture (JV) Partnering and her new Web TV Show called www.DoTheDreamTV.com

See More At Kathy Bee Bio.
Kathy Bee
Professional Dream Maker
What Dreamers Need To Succeed
Kathy Bee delivers the message that Dreamers can...
  • ​Discover The 6 Pillars that transforms Dreams
  • Learn how to increase your visibility
  • ​How to Joint Venture Partner with Dream Makers
  • Learn the value of Dream-work & Team-work
  • How to monetize your Dream
  • ​How to turn your Dream into your Legacy
Contact Kathy Bee Email: Kathy@KathyBee.com or Setup Call: www.Calendly.com/kathybee13

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