A New Musical Play by Kathy Bee



THE CHRISTMAS TOYS is delightful, colorful, musical that has a message for children of all ages.



The Synopsis








Illustrations by

Lori Lewis


CHRISTMAS TOYS is a holiday fantasy set in the early 1900's depicting the lives of two spoiled wealthy children, Alexandria and Robert who possess everything but love. Their destructive habits effect everyone in the household…especially Christmas Toys.

When the toys are placed in the toy room they come alive and display "human characteristics": The Love-Dolls (Mushy Love), The Trapeze Man (Arrogance), The Dancing Dolls (Grace & Poise) and The Toy Soldiers (Discipline) are all new Christmas Toys excited about being in a lovely room and meeting new friends. 

However the toys learn from the beautiful heirloom doll, Misty Marie (The Snob) that the new toys will all end up in THE BAG OF THE GIVE AWAY TOYS if they play with the children. Misty Marie's friend Clownie (The Optimist) who's also an heirloom, immediately dismisses Misty Marie's gloomy warning and begins to restore the happy jovial atmosphere in the toy room.

When the children return home from their private school, they follow suit and destroy the new toys. The Christmas Toys (along with Clownie) end up in the dreaded BAG OF THE GIVE AWAY TOYS. This leaves Misty Marie left all alone in the toy room, singing: IN A LONELY ROOM (The Message): "Where in the world are the people who care?"

After the toys fail to escape their plight, they are given to a man who takes them to a small repair shop.  Workers dressed in green suits joyfully restore the toys.

The following Christmas The Christmas Toys become the gifts of children who are loving and kind…and who know the true meaning of Christmas.



Did You Know?
In 1995 THE CHRISTMAS TOYS was a (sell-out) success for the GOLDEN STATE CHILDREN'S group who performed it at the La Mirada Theater in Southern California where it received The Rainbow Award for best actress. In Hilo, Hawaii it picked up the TIKKI Award for best actress! For ten years, THE CHRISTMAS TOYS has been warming the hearts of audiences of all ages. Kathy Bee hopes to produce a nation-wide TV special... If you can help or know someone who's interested, contact her at (562) 803-8835.







The Scenes & Headlines From The Award Winning Musical Play







The cast consists of 10 character roles

and a chorus that can range from 10 two 100.

The musical is 1 hours long with a 15 minute intermission.



The Christmas Toys at The La Mirada Theater






The Christmas Toys at

The Stonewood Shopping Center in Downey, CA


The Christmas Toys in Hawaii




DOWNEY, CA 90241

(562) 803-8835 FAX (562) 866-9453

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