Kathy Bee's Fee's

Kathy Bee's entertainment fees varies between $500.00 and $6,000.00.

Pricing Considerations include:

1. Price per hour

2. Price per gig

3. Price per event type

4. The amount of guests expected

5. Time & Place

6. How many band members, sound person, professional equipment, travel time, hotel & food accomodations...


Dear Friends,

           One of the most difficult things to accomplish as the chair person or head of an event is to find the right entertainment, at the right price.  It’s left up to you and your committee to enhance the value of your special event, while keeping track of your expenses.   The following entertainment budget form and questionnaire will help you overcome the dreaded “How much will the entertainment cost?” question.  This form will assist you in assessing your entertainment needs and how to budget for your event.    Our goal is to provide a win/win solution for all the participants, from the headliners to the band members, sound engineers and light technicians. By reviewing The Seven Points To Consider (below) and answering the questions on the following pages, we can best assist you with your entertainment needs.


Before You Begin Your Entertainment Search.



1. Plan Your Event In Reverse

Work on the event from the point of view that you are already there, the band is playing, the flowers are on the tables, the food is being served, etc. then work backwards.  Be sure to write it down and not exclude any little detail.


2. Do You Have Seed Money Or A Financial Backer For Your Event

       Sometimes people often become so excited about “The Event” that they forget to count the costs and secure their finances.

               A. Send out letters to potential sponsors and pre-sell them on the event, asking in advance for their financial support.

         Follow-up with phone calls, stating, “We are excited about our event and want to get some feedback from you.”

3. Know Your Audience
A. Who are the people attending the event?
B.  What are their likes and dislikes in music?
It is so important to know who is attending the event, so that it can be an enjoyable occasion for everyone. By filling out the questionnaire, we can help you determine the type of entertainment that is right for your event.


         4. How Many People Will Be Attending The Event?

Pre-sales are a must unless you have a financial backer. Don’t count on people paying at the door.


    5. How Much Are You Charging Per Ticket

        A. What is the cost of the venue?

        B.  What is the cost of the food?

You can add to that ticket price an additional $3.00 to $5.00 and up to cover your entertainment expenses.



   6. How “Professional” Is Your Sound Equipment

        A. Will you be hiring a reputable sound and light company?

        B.  Did you get references from reliable sources?

Choosing the right sound and light technicians is very crucial to your event.  If the sound is cranked too high your guests will become angry and may never attend another event.

7. Will There Be A Meet & Greet After The Event?
This is a great opportunity for your honored guests and major sponsors to meet the entertainers. 
This is a great time for photo ops as well.


How much does Kathy Bee charge?

Kathy Bee's performing rates vary depending on these factors:

1. How long the engagement will be?
2. How many songs you want performed?
3. Will there be a professional P. A. ?
4. Will yoou have a professional sound man?
5. What type of an event will this be?
6. How many people are you expecting?
7. Where is the location of the event?
8. Do you require extra musicians?
9. Do you have a set budget for entertainment?
10. Will there be pre-marketing that includes:
A. Newspapers B. Email Blasts C. Listing on Social Sites D. Program Books E. Flyers F. Radio G. TV H. Websites I. Forums



P. R. Productions
11255 Woodruff Ave. Ste. C
Downey, CA 90241
(562) 803-8835

Email: kathy@kathybee.com

Feel free to download these photos to add to your promotional materials or Press Releases.



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